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The Scary Sally doll is a specialty item and made only by Darkhouse Paranormal Investigations. It is based on a homemade child’s doll from the early 1900’s. As the story is told, a young family had traveled West to settle in, what is now, the state of Montana. It was a hard life at first but, the family eventually grew accustomed to the hardships of living off the land to survive. To pass time, the mother made her daughter a rag doll from pieces of cloth, yarn and a jar full of buttons she had been able to collect. The daughter named the doll Sally and cherished it as a prized possession. She never let the doll out of her sight and took it with her everywhere. One cold dark winters day, a man came to the cabin the father had built. Breaking the door open, he proceeded to murder the entire family including the young girl. The man took everything he could find that was of any worth and left the cabin. Unknowingly, he also took the blood-stained doll Sally. No one is sure how he came about taking the doll but, a few days later he was captured by the Marshals and hung without a trial on a large oak tree not far from the murdered family’s cabin. When the Marshalls went through the items he had taken from the cabin, they found the doll. Legend has it, one of the Marshals was oddly smitten by the doll and took it with him, giving it to his daughter. Not long after, the Marshals entire family became suddenly ill and died. It was said the doll was passed along from one family to another over the years, each family suffering sickness, violence and death. Sally the doll has long since faded into the mists of time but, one grainy black and white picture of her has survived to this day. Darkhouse Paranormal Investigations mysteriously came into possession of the picture and has resurrected Sally the doll. She can now be yours for $66.06 and shipping is free. Each doll is 9'x7' in size and is100% handmade, taking up to five hours to make. Because each doll is handmade upon order, no two dolls will ever be exactly the same. Sally will come to you with a card admonishing the new owner to "love me forever". We stronglyu recommend that you do. Now, does the curse come along with Sally? We can’t know for sure so, it’s just a risk you’ll have to take.

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Georgie the Ghost is the official mascot for DHPI. Made from soft squishy material, you can get yours for only $5.00 dollars. Shipping included.
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Get your DHPI bumber sticker for $3.00 each. Includes shipping.

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Darkhouse Paranormal Investigations Gildan cotton  T-Shirts. DHPI is also printed across the left sleeve.  Made of high quality material. $15.00 each includes shipping. State size required.
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