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About DHPI

Owned and operated by the husband/wife team of Ken and Yuki Pike, Darkhouse Paranormal Investigations (DHPI) is a premier paranormal investigations team servicing Illinois and beyond. Using state of the art ghost hunting equipment, DHPI conducts professional scientifically based investigations. Our goal is to first debunk what we can in order to get to the truth behind a haunting. Not every creak or knock is necessarily paranormal. You can rest assured that, after debunking as much as we can, what's left is probably paranormal in nature. 

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Sometimes, there are entities or negative energy in your home or business that you want gone...and for good reason. They can cause you a lot of problems, physically and emotionally. Yuki is a Japanese Medium and spiritualist. She has the ability to cleanse a location using ancient traditional Japanese techniques that have met the test of time. This is something that makes DHPI a bit different from most. Not all locations need to be cleansed and there are no guarantees it will always work but, if this is something that you desire, we can provide it. 

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Why we do it

Ken and Yuki have both had personal experiences with the paranormal at some point in their lives. Because of those experiences, they have a passion for finding the truth about the paranormal. There is no greater thrill than to pick up a disembodied voice on a recorder or getting that rare picture or video of an apparition or shadow person. It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes nothing happens but, the thrill of the search and the possibilities is what motivates them. 

The DHPI Gameplan

How do we do what we do and what can you expect? Once we've contacted a potential client or staked out a location for investigation, we like to talk to as many people associated with the location as we can. If it's a home, we will talk to the owner and family members to find out what they are experiencing, where the hot spots are and get a little history on the location. If it's a business, we'll talk to employees. We like to get interviews on video if possible. The next step is research. We gather as much information on a location as we can find, how old is the location, what is its past, have there been any deaths or violence at the location. With information in hand we then try and determine if it's a simple haunting or if there are possibly any negative energies we might encounter. Then, we do a nighttime investigation using various equipment, trigger items and by using good old traditional methods. Once the investigation is complete, we analyze everything we gathered and meet with the client if they request it for a reveal. With knowledge in their hands, they can decide how they would like to proceed. We do video tape the entire investigation from beginning to end (reveal) and post it to this website.





Each investigation is filmed and uploaded as an episode of THE DARKHOUSE. We spend hours after an investigation going tirelessly through every inch of film and recordings. Then we assemble the best of all aspects of the investigation, edit it into a show and musically score the entire episode. Each episode begins with Ken giving a short explanation about the investigation and then giving his patented saying, "Tonight, we'll find out."  Hopefully, people find it interesting. 

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