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Judy's Odd Shop, Bushnell Florida August 4, 2019



Judy’s Odd Shop is located in the small town of Bushnell, Florida. Bushnell was first founded with the establishment of the Post Office on October 28, 1885 and incorporated 26 years later in 1911. The City of Bushnell was named after John W. Bushnell, who was responsible for bringing the railroad to the community. A large and long metal building, Judy’s was erected in 1975. Prior to this building, there was an all wood structure at the site that was known around these parts as Morris Groceries. It had been there for a long time from what we know until it was eventually torn down because it had become so dilapidated. Judy’s is a used furniture and appliances store and looks more like a warehouse than a shop. You ask anyone in the area, and they know Judy’s. A lot of the furniture is acquired from the homes of old folk who have passed away and who’s families just need to get rid of all their stuff. Judy’s offers a number of other things besides furniture and appliances and you never know what you’ll find there. Old man Williams, the owner of Judy’s since it opened its doors, passed away a few years ago. He was a great old guy and everyone knew him. You would always find him in the shop, from the time it opened until it closed. He was known for sitting in an old recliner at the back of the building watching reruns of Hee Haw and Hogans Heros. A lot of things have passed through Judy’s in 44 years. Could there be residual energy lingering in the building? Maybe in some of the furniture and other items sitting around? Could old man William’s still be sitting in his recliner watching those old shows he loved?   


This was a pretty amazing investigation. Honestly, we weren't really expecting much at first but wow, were we wrong.  We got there early while there was still daylight to do a sweep of the building with an EMF detector and a K2 meter. Getting absolutely no readings, we thought for sure it would be a dead night. Then we began the nighttime investigation. We were fortunate to have two cameramen with us, Sabastion and Charlie. It freed up me and Yuki to do more. We set up REM POD's in two spots, one in the middle of the building and one on the recliner that old man William's was known to sit in. We started filming around the recliner and almost immediately started hearing knocking noises, strange pinging sounds and, what sounded like, someone shuffling their feet across the cement floor. Both cameramen began feeling chills even though it had to be 95 degrees in the building. We asked questions and tried to get old man Williams to set off the REM POD but, got no activity.  We were also using a Ghost Box and, although we didn't get any clear words, every time a question was asked, there was a high ringing sound coming from the device which I had never heard before on this device. It seemed to only happen when we specifically asked a question. We then broke out our favorite piece of equipment, the Kinect SLS. It had come through for us during the investigation of room 7 at The Scoot Inn. Our first hit was at the front of the shop. We detected a small figure on top of an old cow looking childs rocker. It looked like it was meant for a child so, considering the figure was small, we believed it to be a child. A larger figure appeared standing directly in front of the rocker and small figure. We captured these figures for quite a while before moving to the back of the shop were old man WIlliam's recliner sat. After a few moments, we captured a figure clearly sitting in the recliner. Now, there's a tv sitting in front of the recliner that old man William's watched his favorite reruns on. The figure in the recliner almost looked as if it was trying to look around us or make us move out of the way. Was it old man WIlliam's telling us to move so he could watch his shows? We got several hits on the REM POD as well. At one point, Yuki took a picture of the recliner and the figure disappeared, the SLS screen suddenly went black and the Ovilus said 'camera'. This all happened at the same time. After finally getting the SLS to work again, we did a sweep of the building with the SLS just to see if there was any other activity anywhere else in the building. There was none. As soon as we got back to the childs rocker one, then two, small figures appeared on it. One figure jumped to a couch sitting next to the rocker and a large figure appeared sitting in an old gothic looking chair next to the couch. Yuki had gotten a strong feeling from this chair earlier in the investigation. Was this an indication of some sort of spirit or energy attachment to those particular pieces of furniture?  At any rate, it seemed like there were two distinct hot spots in the building. Interestingly, while filming the recliner, Charlie began saying he was feeling a chill that started at his legs and moved up. He said he was feeling a heavy pressure on his chest then, almost immediately, the REM POD started flashing. A static night vision camera was set up directly in front of the recliner and left there while we investigated other areas of the building. Amazingly, within a few minutes of setting up the camera and walking away, there were 5 hits on the REM PODW.  We also got some interesting activity on the Ovilus during the night. At one point earlier in the investigation, both Yuki and Sebastion were getting weird "vibes" from a metal baby crib. The Ovilus said show and baby around the same time as they were getting these feelings. Towards the end of the investigation, it said one word, 'cancer'. Old man William's had died from cancer a few years previously. We believe the figure we captured on the SLS sitting in the recliner was old man William's who's still looking over the place. We were unable to discern who the other figures were, other than, it appeared two were children and one was an adult. they seemed to be attached to particular pieces of furniture. Around one thirty, the Sumter County Sheriff's showed up with five, yes five, units. They had gotten a report that the building was being burglarized. After contacting Judy the owner, she explained to them we had permission to be there and, in fact, had a key. All the officers were extremely nice and professional but, it certainly made for an interesting conclusion to an otherwise fruitful investigation, as well as, scaring the hell out of Yuki who is from Japan and had never experienced anything like that before. 

Investigations at Judy's Odd Shop
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