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326 North Main Street, Bushnell Florida September 12 , 2019
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The old brick building located at 326 North Main Street in the City of Bushnell was built sometime in the late 1940's or early 1950's.  Information on this building is hard to come by but, we do know that it was a well known Pharmacy sometime around 1952. Strangely enough, it also doubled as a small diner. The interior was painted in reds, whites and blacks. In fact, the ceiling and rafters were once painted a blood red color, although they have since been repainted. It's seen many businesses inside its walls over the years and, although not used much, it's currently a small town gym. There was one known death inside the building. A man, who worked out at the gym often, died of a brain aneurism in the gym. People have claimed that they feel a heaviness while in the building and no one likes to be inside the building at night. We were told that folks using the gym one day saw a handle on one of the weight machines rigorously moving back and forth by itself.  They swear no one had been using the machine at the time they witnessed this and that there was no way possible it could have moved in the manner it did without someone physically doing it. Because of the lack of historic information available on this building, we began calling it the Ghost Building. It seems like no one really wanted to talk to us about the place.  Things that make you go hummmmm.

The Investigation-

The night started off interestingly enough. We first set out three REM PODS throughout the small building. Almost immediately, we began getting activity. What was strange is, each REM POD would emit the long high pitched tone it makes when activated but, none of the lights would flash. We had never had these devices act this way. Usually, the lights will flash at the same time.  In order for the device to emit a tone, someone (or something) has to touch the antenna. They continued doing this throughout most of the investigation as though something was moving around the building. We got a number of unexplainable spikes on the K2 meter, the Mel meter and the Trifield meter. Everyone on the team got a much heavier feeling in a few of the smaller rooms, adding to the claims we had heard. One room is located at the front of the building that is being used to store old antique dresses, a small bathroom just off the gym and a larger room at the back of the building that is also used for storage. In this back room, we got the word "table" on the Ovilus. There was, in fact, a table sitting at the side of the room. We also got the word "bar". At one time, there was a small hotel next door that had a bar on the bottom floor. There was definitely a different feeling in these rooms as compared with the actual gym area and everyone felt it, even our resident sceptic Ken. We then used the Kinect SLS which has given us some of our best evidence so far. We immediately caught two figures. One was standing next to a piece of equipment (a pull up bar machine) and the other directly in front of a large fan that stood nearby. One figure appeared to be making punching motions. Megan, our guest investigator for the night and who's mother runs the gym, told us that there used to be a punching bag directly in front of that particular piece of equipment where the figure now stood and another punching bag in another location in the gym. Could it be this figure we were watching was punching the now non existent punching bag? That's sure what it looked like. At one point Ken put his hand in front of the fan where the second figure was standing. He felt a coldness on the palm of his hand and his fingers, even though the room was rather warm and the fan had long been turned off. At one point, Ken decided to move the fan to see what would happen. The second figure that had been standing in front of the fan seemed to get agitated because he did this, moving around erratically. Once the fan was moved back to its original spot, the figure appeared to stop freaking out. Both Yuki and Megan had general feelings of heaviness during the night, with Megan actually becoming a little nauseous  at one point. Yuki felt there was a presence in the building the entire night just watching us. Upon review of video footage, we were surprised to capture several disembodied voices that sound close to the mic attached to one of the camcorders. It sounded like a male. One somewhat disturbing voice we captured was female and said, "Ken...come in". Needless to say, Ken was a little taken aback by it saying his name. Later we would capture the same female saying "with me". After review of EVP's taken during the night on a hand held rcorder, we discovered that we had caught two word. At the beginning of the questioning, we captured a male voice saying "hey". Ken asked "did you like punching on the bag" and we got a one word response, "yeah". Ken had asked three questions before this one and received no response. Could this have been the voice of the man that died in the gym? Did he enjoy punching on the bag? Why would we get a response to that particular question but, to none of the others? All in all, it was a pretty productive investigation. There is no doubt in our minds that there is definitely something paranormal going on at 326 North Main Street. Since most the buildings on Main Street are old, it may very well be there is activity to be found in all of them. 

DHPI investigates 326 North Main Street in Bushnell, Florida
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