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Graveyard Crow


Here are just some of the equipment that we use in our ghost hunting investigations. We are constantly adding new state of the art equipment to optimize our investigations.

Olympus EVP recorder

360 degree recorder

EVP wrist band

Digital EMP meter

Rook EMF meter

Full spectrum POV camera with night vision

REM Pod with temperature meter

Dual IR and full spectrum lights

Mel EMF and temperature meter

Dual full spectrum and normal light camcorder

Laser grid CS1 (red)

Laser grid (green)

Spirt box SB11

Spirt box SB7

Kinect SLS

Boo Bear EMF

Full Spectrum camcorder

Flux 2 Response Device

Thermal Device

K2 EMF meter

Digital Tri-Field meter

Old fashioned Tri-Field meter (no longer made)

Full Spectrum Modified Still Camera Canon SX530

Nikon Coolpix P900

Nikon Coolpix B500

Click here to see some of the equipment we use

Dramatic Bride
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