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How does ghost hunting equipment work?
Explaining some of the stuff we use
K2 and Mel Meter Pics.jpg
K2 and Mel EMF Detectors

EMF meters (Electro Magnitic Field), looks for increases in EMF levels by viewing the colored led lights.


The K2 Meter spikes erratically back and forth when paranormal activity is present, as opposed to the steady light that is present when the meter is close to modern technology such as a cell phone.

The Mel Meter features both exact digital EMF Meter read-outs and Digital Temperature readings. It is calibrated to measure Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) accurately in the range from the very low frequency of 30Hz all the way up to 300Hz. It has a burst mode function where one can focus all its power on EMF readings only instead of both EMF and Temp.

Kinect SLS pic.jpg

The Kinect SLS Camera has an infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that shows everything as dots arranged in 3D formation. These infrared dots allow the camera to show depth and detail. The software “sees” people by recognizing joints and movements. The IR will detect paranormal entities that the program recognizes as a human shape based on the body parts and joints. This is a fantasic piece of equipment and has become popular with many of the well known paranormal investigations teams like Ghost Adventures.

Kinect SLS Camera
REM pod pic.png

The REM-POD covers 360 degrees detection with its mini telescopic antenna that radiates its own magnetic field. The REM range is programmable for 5 different sensitivity levels - that is distances of the REM range.  It also has automatic setting of the baseline. Changes in the ambient temperature are alerted in increments of changes in temp of 5 degrees. An ascending tone and red LED light alerts an increase in temperature and a descending tone and a blue LED light signifies a decrease in temperature. This piece of equipment is great for discovering if something is present and for getting responses to specific questions asked. 

SB11 Ghost Box pic.jpg

The P-SB11 Ghost Box sweeps frequencies. The white noise and the fast scanning of radio frequencies is believed to provide the energy and transmission the ghosts need to get their voices through to us. The SB11 features Temperature Detection Deviation to - or + 5 degrees F. Sudden drops in temperature are believed to back up possible paranormal activity occurring. 

P-SB11 Ghost Box
Ovilus Pic.png

The Ovilus converts EVP readings into written words, similar to text messages on a phone, while also speaking these words. It has 4 different voices: male English, female English, male Spanish, female Spanish.  With a dictionary of thousands of words, there's plenty of ways a entity can communitcate.

Thermal camera.jpg

The infrared camera detects levels of temperature, converting electronic signals into a thermal image on a screen or monitor. The fluctuations of temperature can indicate the presence of an apparition or energy, depending on the reading. The colder the anomaly, the more likely it is a ghost, depending on what is manifesting.

Tri Filed Meter Pic.jpg
Tri Filed Meter Pic 2.png
Trifield Natural EM Meter
Digital Trifield Meter

The Trifield Natural EM Meter very sensitive to changes in static energy, including from paranormal sources. It identifies changes in electric and magnetic fields with a tone and needle moving. The level of change needed to set off tone can be adjusted. If the level of change is at the set interval level it will have a low pitch tone, if level of change is higher than the set interval sensitivity it will have a high pitch sound.

DHPI uses the older Tri-Field Natural meter with a moving needle and the newer digital Tri-Field meter. Both are exceptional tools.

Ghost Box .jpg

The P-SB7 is another Ghost Box the DHPI team uses, Like the P-SB11, it works by scanning the FM band and AM band along with a unique high frequency synthetic noise, a.k.a. white noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words. 

P-SB7 Ghost Box
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