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Investigation #1: Aileen Wuornos-Room 7 at The Scoot Inn, Port Orange, Florida. July 27 & 28, 2019.
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Aileen Carol Wuornos was born Aileen Carol Pittman on February 29, 1956. She was the first female serial killer in America. Aileen murdered seven men in Florida over a few months in 1989 and 1990 by shooting them at point-blank range. She claimed that her victims had either raped or attempted to rape her while she was working as a prostitute, and that all of the homicides were committed in self-defense. Aileen was arrested at The Last resort, a biker bar just down the street from the Fairview Inn where she was staying with her lesbian lover Tyria Moore. She was eventually convicted and sentenced to death for six of the murders and was executed by lethal injection on October 9, 2002, at the Florida State Prison in Starke Florida.


Aileen and Tyria stayed in, what was, room #9 of the old Fairview Inn while committing her henious crimes. The room has since been renumbered and is now room #7.

The Fairview Inn stayed pretty much the same until 2011 when retired biker Mike Bock bought the motel. He cleaned it up and renamed it The Scoot Inn. At first he did his best to distance it from its unsavory past but, ironically, he made it a much more inviting place to stay for people wanting to sleep in the same room as a famous serial killer. Mike now embraces the infamous history of the motel and paranormal investigators from around the world come to The Scoot Inn to investigate and tell the story of Aileen. 

Although the cosmetics have changed, the bed frame, mirror, luggage rack and entire bathroom remain the same as when Aileen stayed in the room. She most likely looked at her blood-covered self in the mirror and washed some of her murder victim's DNA down the sink and tub.


It is said a persons energy or spirit can attach itself to a place or thing, even if they didn’t die in that place. Considering the extreme violence that surrounded Aileen, and the fact that she stayed in that room while she was in the process of committing her ghastly murders, it may well be there is still an energy left behind. Maybe even Aileen’s spirit still resides there.


The nights investigation started off rather lackluster. After interviewing Mike the owner (who has had his own experiences since buying the motel) we set out REM pods and placed other EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detectors around the room, which is a bit small. Asking numerous questions, we weren't getting much if any response on the equipment. The REM pod we had placed on a nightstand next to the bed was activated twice for around a second so, we didn't chalk that up to the paranormal. We conducted a few EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions but, only picked up what may have been an exhale. It's faint and difficult to tell if it's an actual EVP or just ambient noise.  It seemed like Aileen just wasn't into communicating with us. We decided to break out one of our favorite tools, the Kinect SLS camera which has proven very useful. This device has an infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that shows everything as dots arranged in 3D formation. These infrared dots allow the camera to show depth and detail. The software “sees” people by recognizing joints and movements. The IR detects paranormal entities that the program recognizes as a human shape based on the body parts and joints. At first we were not getting a thing and really started thinking the investigation was going to be a bust. But, then a figure popped up sitting on the bed cross legged. We tried to interact with it but, it was having nothing to do with us. Later, another figure popped up clearly sitting in one of the chairs in the room. Finally, two figures presented themselves standing in front of the dresser. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried, they would not interact with us. At one point in the investigation, Yuki started coughing and said she smelled spicy cigarette smoke as though someone was right next to her exhaling the smoke (Aileen was a heavy smoker). Later, she unnaturally felt compelled to lay on the bed and felt sleepy. I, on the other hand, began having excruciating pain in my lower back as if someone or something was squeezing it. It got so bad that I couldn't function and had to sit down. The pain grew so intense, it pretty much ended the investigation for me. I had been perfectly fine the entire day and was perfectly fine by the time we arrived home that night. Aileen had a lesbian lover and absolutely hated men. Could this have been a physical manifestation, affecting me and Yuki in different ways?  Was Aileen comfortable with Yuki but, had it out for me?

The following day, we began the long process of going through all the material we had gotten. At one point during the investigation, we set up a static full spectrum mini pro camera. We left the room to go get a bite to eat and left the camera running. For the longest while there was nothing on the video that was paranormal in any way, just an empty room. Then things began happening. First, the REM pod on the nightstand started activating several time, sometimes for up to ten seconds. Ok, this was hopeful. The shocker came about thirty minutes into the hour long footage. Suddenly, the ceiling lights and fan came on. We were gone and there was no one in the room. Seven seconds later the lights and fan turned themselves off. What made it more intriguing is, the REM pod immediately activated for quite a while as soon as the lights went off. When we finally returned to the room, we found the battery in the camera was completely drained, even though it had been fully charged before we left for the investigation. What should have been capable of recording for several hours lasted only one hour. Could Aileen have been using the energy from the battery to manifest in order to turn the lights and fan on and off and activate the REM pod? Is that what drained a fully charged battery?  This was an incredible piece of paranormal evidence.


Aileen's Victims-
Victim 1.jpg
Richard Mallory
Victim 2.jpg
David Spears
Victim 3.jpg
Charles Carskaddon
Victim 4.jpg
Peter Siems
Victim 5.jpg
Eugene Burress
Victim 6.jpg
Charles Humphreys
Victim 7.jpg
Walter Antonio

Finally, while interviewing the owner of The Scoot Inn, Yuki was taking pictures. When we reviewed all the pictures, there was one that we found quite strange. My face appears totally different than what I normally look like. It appears contorted in a way that I can't self consciencely mimic. In all the other pictures taken, I look normal, like me. Was Aileen projecting herself onto me because she did not like what the owner was saying or maybe she didn't like me? We can't know for sure but, take a look at the picture and compare it with a picture of Aileen in prison giving one of her signature looks. The resemblance is a bit frightening.

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Watch the video of our investigation of room 7 . . .
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