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The Haunted Wheelchair/Good Cents Discount Groceries-November 19, 2019


The Gendron Iron Wheel Company was founded in 1872 in Toledo, Ohio. In the beginning it produced wire wheels for baby carriages. In 1890, it began manufacturing bicycles, tricycles, baby carriges, coaster wagons, toy wheelbarrows and toy replica pedal cars up until WWII.  In  the late 1930's, it changed its name to Gendron Wheel Company and located to Perrysburg, Ohio. It then began to manufacture, import, buy, sell and in general deal in wheelchairs, playground equipment and other juvenile conveniences of every kind. During WWII and in the early 1940's, the company concentrated its efforts on wheelchairs and hospital stretchers. We believe this particular wheelchair was produced sometime between the late 1930's and early 1940's due to the information presented on the small plaque on the back of the wheelchairs headrest. Also, etched into the front side of the headrest is W-P AFB/Ward 8. We believe this stands for Wright Patterson Air Force Base. On the back of the headrest, Ward 4 is etched into the wood. With very little available information, it is almost impossible to track down exactly where this wheelchair may have been, other than, possibly at Wright Patterson AFB. At that time during the 1940's, medical hospitals and psychiatric hospitals used the term 'ward' rather than floor or wing. A hospital ward was typically a block forming a division of a hospital (or a suite of rooms) shared by patients who needed a similar kind of care. This wheelchair may have spent time in a number of hospitals over time. 

Events leading up to the investigation-

Me and Yuki had stopped by Good Cents Discount Groceries in the small town of Bushnell where we live just to look around. We had been in the store many times before to pick up a few things and, though it is a grocery store, there are also always cool antiques laying around. On this ocassion, we were both immediately drawn to an old wooden wheelchair sitting in a corner with other antiques which the owner Glen had recently purchased. Yuki got a strange feeling from the chair and put her hand on one of the armrests. She began experiencing pain and numbness in her right hand, almost like she had arthritis. Then she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her side. When she removed her hand from the wheelchair, the stabbing pain went away but, she had problems with her hand for a couple of days aterwards. Yuki got the impression that the chair had something to do with a soldier. Usually, Yuki's senses are right on so, we asked Glen if we could come back and investigate the chair. He agreed.


The night started off quiet enough. Making an initial sweep of the entire location and the wheelchair with the Trifield Meter, we got no readings. The only time the needle moved was when encountering the produce freezers and electrical outlets. We placed a REM POD in the wheel chair and began asking questions. At first, we received no response but, the camera operater noticed the battery was quickly draining from the camcorder. The battery was fully charged prior to the investigation. Suddenly, the REM POD began activating. I asked if the entity was a man and immediately received a response. The REM POD activated several more times. At one point, we pulled out the Ovilus. I told the entity that it could draw on the camcorders battery for energy and the word 'batteries' popped up on the Ovilus. I then asked if it knew it was in a grocery store.  The word 'cents' came up. That was interesting since the name of the store is Good Cents. Because the word was spelled 'cents' as oppossed to sense, we felt it knew where it was and knew the name of the store. We then decided to do an EVP session and continued to ask questions. During later review of the EVP session, we captured two voices. Yuki had begun to feel numbness in her hand and up her arm again like before. She was talking about the numbness in her hand when you hear a distinct 'yeah'. A short while later she said ok. A very clear 'OK' was captured, as though the entity was repeating what Yuki had just said. This was captured at the chair. It was then time for the Kinect SLS. We focused on the wheelchair and, at first, there was nothing. After several minutes, a figure popped up sitting in the chair. It's arms were on the armrests and its feet on the foot pedals. It's head appeared to be bowed down and one of its feet strangely twisted. We all got the sense or feeling of sadness watching this figure. It appeared as though it was in pain or some sort of discomfort. It certainly was not like other figures we've captured in past investigations that are dancing around and are animated. Could this have been a wounded solider or maybe an invalid from another time? We can't know for sure but, we could not escape the profound sadness we all felt for this entity. After spending much time with the wheelchair, we decided to do a quick scan of the store and warehouse area. The building which houses Good Cents Discount Groceries was constructed sometime in the early 1940's.  It was a nightclub/bar at one point long in its past and had seen a feed store, auto parts store and a gym within its walls over the years. On our walk around, we captured another figure in the warehouse. It was first sitting on a manual fork lift and appeared to be trying to push or move it. Moments before capturing this figure, Yuki felt a coldness in the same location. It then moved to stand in front of an old steel safe sitting nearby and then finally to yet another manual fork lift. There was no doubt it was the same figure and was moving around the warehouse with us. We were unable to find any information on whether anyone had possibly died in the building or in the vicinity near the store. This was indeed a mystery and, why this figure was there, is unknown. We stopped by the wheelchair one more time before calling it a night but, the entity did not present itself again. Clearly, there is an entity attached to the chair. We believe it was an intelligent haunting as it enteracted with us. Before we left, we told the entity that it needed to move on and that we hoped it would eventurally find peace and rest.

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